Our team was awarded the mandate to develop what could be the first 100% electric, semi-autonomous, certified, vertical take-off and landing aircraft for our client Lung Biotechnology. We are proud to be part of Lung Biotechnology's mission to facilitate access to lung transplant treatments.

We were able to take on this engineering challenge because we deeply care about the cause of our client. We worked in a highly collaborative environment and made sure to always keep in mind the vision of our client. This approach has allowed us to develop a forward-thinking and efficient solution.

How we work?

We have created an environment that advocates a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach. We work with rigor and ardor because we need to be proud of the product we deliver. Above all, we are passionate about engineering. This is how we work.

Why choose Zenith Altitude?

We are a promising startup in the aerospace industry developing cutting-edge R&D projects. If you are looking for a work environment in full swing, if you are passionate about engineering and, finally, if personal and environmental values are meaningful to you, then Zenith Altitude is for you.

Our vision is to become a company recognized for its technical excellence and a leader in the aeronautical certification market in Quebec.

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